Eerie Route 177

There have been many reports of odd paranormal sightings along this desolate stretch of highway over the years. For a long time, these events were ascribed to "Tug Hill Annie", or Anna Tebidor, and her tragic Sears Pond Road accident. As we researched Anna's case, we discovered that Route 177 has had quite a few bizarre, unexpected tragedies of its own. If you believe that Anna's accident caused the paranormal activity that followed, you have to consider that the events on this page could have the potential to generate some paranormal ripples also...

This article is from the Lewis County Democrat, May 17, 1900. Further research revealed more to the story...

This follow-up article is from the Lewis County Democrat, June 13, 1900. We have yet to uncover any further information about "The Case of the Severed Hand" in tiny Bellwood, NY. And that's only the beginning!

While we were investigating and researching the case of Anna Tebidor, we met five different people, all with the same story. They claimed to have hit an invisible 'something' while driving on Route 177 between New Boston and Barnes Corners. All were sure they had massive damage to the car. Two of them even described how they felt as if they had run over the thing as well. All five of them got out of the car, saw no damage to their cars, and briefly looked for the thing they were sure they had hit. All five found nothing. We did some digging, and found this story, from the Lowville Journal and Republican, June 29, 1941. Could paranormal effects from this case have been attributed to Tug Hill Annie over the years? We believe it is possible.

Another interesting thing we uncovered while investigating Anna Tebidor was that several "old-timers" referred also to a "Tug Hill Mary" that was rumored to have been walking along Route 177 with "unfinished business" even before Anna's accident. Could this be the woman the old-timers were referring to? It's clear her death was a great shock and surprise to all who knew her.

-Article from Lowville Journal and Republican, April 28, 1921.

-Article from Lowville Journal and Republican, November 12, 1914.

-From the Lowville Journal and Republican, May 26, 1949. This field is right at the intersection of McDonald Road with Route 177.

-From the Lowville Journal and Republican, October 27, 1932.

-From the Lowville Journal and Republican, November 16, 1944.

-This article, from the May 5th 1904 edition of the Lowville Journal and Republican, is one of the oddest I've ever run across. It raises more questions than it answers. How did he die? Why was he there? What was going on? This, and many other mysteries of Tug Hill (and beyond) are just waiting to be brought to light!