On October 25th and 26th, 2013, Tug Hill Paranormal led investigations through historic Greystone Manor in Martinsburg, NY. Both the Friday and Saturday investigations began at 6:00 and 8:30. During all investigations, evidence of paranormal activity was gathered in the building.

Friday investigation (early): Participants in this investigation saw a fully charged camera battery suddenly drained. We received taps in response to yes/no questions. These taps indicated to us that there was a female spirit with the initials C. E. in the building. Investigators were able to differentiate the sound of the taps from the sounds of a slightly leaky building on a rainy night. Several people felt cold spots— spots that were even colder than the night air. A few people were touched, poked, or tapped inexplicably. The EMF detector also seemed to be answering questions with unaccountable rises and falls in measurement…even though 95% of the building has no electricity. The K2 meter went off a few times; once after investigators asked it to. One investigator reported seeing a young girl standing in the dining room near the bottom of the main stairs. Upon analysis of the recorders, we found that we also got some EVPs during the early Friday session. The most audible is from the north garret room, the room some people called the servant’s quarters. A gentleman is saying the word “home.” No group was anywhere near the garret room at this point, and neither group had anyone saying anything loudly that could have contaminated the audio there.


                                                                                    (click on word to play EVPs. Headphones are best.)

Friday investigation (late): This investigation continued to provide many personal experiences for participants. The inexplicable EMF fluctuations continued. Again, several people were touched or ‘flicked’ by something. Taps and knocks were recorded in response to questions. A chandelier moved slightly when investigators asked it to. Again, the north garret room appeared to be very active, with two EVPs obtained before the investigation even started. No one was upstairs, yet there is the definite sound of someone moving around in and around the north garret room. Camera and recorder review shows that everyone in the building was accounted for and no one was upstairs. Nothing that would account for these sounds was captured on the DVR system. When we investigated as The Northern Paranormal Society in 2010, we recorded movement in the room when no one was there, but this sample is much more loud and pronounced.

                                                                  Sounds of movement- north garret room

We also got a very clear EVP from this room while the second investigation team was still gathered downstairs. It sounds like a little girl. Again, intensive review of the cameras and recorders proves that no one was upstairs to say anything, and no one said anything downstairs that could have been misheard or distorted into this EVP.

                                                                                   “Hi Mama”

Here’s one of the taps we got in response to a question:

                                                                 “Do you like to play hide and seek?”

Saturday investigation (early): Many of the same personal experiences that were reported on Friday night occurred on Saturday night also. Taps and knocks were heard in response to questions. EMF readings continued to fluctuate. Participants felt inexplicable cold spots. The K2 meter went off a few times, once when we asked it to. One of our video cameras malfunctioned in a way we have never seen before. People reported seeing shadows, and we heard many noises we could not explain, including footsteps. During an investigation of the upstairs southeast bedroom, investigators were receiving EMF responses to questions. When the feuding families were mentioned, the meter stopped, and a window shutter slammed closed. When the spirit was asked not to leave, the EMF detector went back up. It appeared as if the spirit had left the EMF detector to slam the shutter, then returned to it. Upon review, we found the shutter had been closed previously, leaving this an interesting paranormal experience. A light string started swinging when asked to, and then stopped when we asked it to. We got some very odd EVPs in 2010 at Greystone, and the oddness continued with one example from the 6:00 investigation on Saturday night. In the room that includes the door to the stairs of the north garret room, we recorded this EVP that sounds like some kind of odd scanner or radio. No one had any devices with them that would have produced this sound. To us, it sounds like some odd snippet of Dragnet from the 1950’s:

                                                                                           “All units…”

Saturday investigation (late): This investigation included many of the experiences previously reported. Cold spots were evident. Odd knocks and taps were heard in response to questions. The EMF detector was fluctuating in response to questions also. An investigator put a paint can handle up at the beginning of the investigation in a secluded location. The paint can handle was securely stuck in an upright position, and when checked at the end of the night, it was down. During this investigation, one of the groups had two members become emotionally overwhelmed in the upstairs southeast corner bedroom. They reported feeling a woman’s extreme sadness in the room. When the second group investigated later, they did not know this had occurred with the first group, but this group ALSO had two members become emotionally overwhelmed in this same bedroom. They also reported feeling the extreme sadness and loneliness of a woman in the room. Only one EVP was obtained during this investigation. The question was asked, “Did you have a husband?” The answer was the last word in the question, which is a phenomenon we have seen more than once.


We appreciate everyone’s interest and participation in the Greystone Manor event. We were able to raise almost $700 to help with preservation of this historic building. We did do further research, and while our research greatly increased the number of people known to have died in Greystone, we have found no one with the initials C. E. The bedroom in which participants felt feelings of sadness may have belonged to Delia Locklin, a woman who lived there for many years, from 1855-1910, and may have used this room.