The Tug Hill Paranormal Team

   The Tug Hill Paranormal team maintains the highest level of expectations for our members.  We stress confidentiality and professional behavior in all we do.  We provide training for our team on the equipment we use, and make sure that all team members understand not just how to use it but why we use it.  Tug Hill Paranormal has strict protocols concerning each aspect of investigations and all members of the team are thoroughly briefed on these protocols before going into the field on an actual investigation.  Furthermore team members sign off that they have been briefed on these protocols and they understand that a failure to follow the protocols will result in suspension from investigations and, in extreme cases, dismissal from the team.  Protecting our clients' confidentiality and providing low-key, experienced service are our highest priorities.


Team Leaders

Dave Andalora                      

     My name is Dave Andalora. I’m a team leader in Tug Hill Paranormal, in addition to being the lead researcher and audio evidence specialist.   I've had several paranormal experiences in my life which have left me with many questions and a desire to learn more. Most people either fear the paranormal or deny its existence. I believe the best way to confront fear and denial is with information and undeniable evidence. I joined T.N.P.S. and then went on to start Tug Hill Paranormal because I believe a scientific, straightforward approach is the best way to combat misinformation and groundless fears that usually surround any discussion of the paranormal. My main goals are to get answers to my questions, help others with their paranormal issues, and have some adrenaline-producing experiences as well.

Kim Andalora                       

     The paranormal has always intrigued me. As an adult, my first experiences left me feeling unsettled, but led to the search for logical explanations and truth. Later, with the death of my parents, came new understanding, beliefs, and experiences. I joined TNPS and now am starting Tug Hill Paranormal to help others through their paranormal experiences, and to continue the search for answers.

Team Members 

Tom Hineline

Kelly Adsit

Tony Adsit

Ann B. Davis

Michael Ruth

Tracy Ruth

(biographies and pictures coming soon)