This absolutely incredible website is invaluable to us when doing research for cases. The Northern New York Library Network deserves a lot of credit for doing the immense amount of work necessary to get over 500,000 newspapers in a searchable format online. This makes our research so much easier! Support YOUR local library!

Lots of valuable and interesting information on this site, including much evidence of the paranormal.

This association has done, and continues to do, much research to gain a better understanding of EVPs. This site is well worth a visit. 

We met this paranormal team in Spring of 2010. We were very impressed with their professionalism and their scientific/skeptical approach. They operate in very much the same manner as we do!

This AMAZING website has over TWENTY MILLION searchable, indexed historical New York newspapers from all parts of the state. Their database is growing every day! This site can be balky and slow to load, but the treasure trove of information is definitely worth it!

(many more links coming soon!)